Sunday, August 7, 2011


Yes, everybody has done this and so am I, and you are gonna read this, just ‘cos you love me…… hehehe :D
1. My name is Oyedele Damilola Kafayat
2. I am 17 years old
3. I am SHORT….. although I prefer to call it petite (^_^)
4. I am a medical student
5. I am the first child of my family (people always seem to find this funny when I tell them cos of my size)
6. I went to Dansol High School
7. I am now a student of CMUL (If u don’t know what that means, smh…. Use Google :p)
8. I am shy, (this kinda fluctuates though, I don’t even know the conditions it works under, but ayam a shy sumborri)
9. I am usually a nice person… most times sha, I don’t know how to be mean.
10. I am a TERRIBLE dancer (no, I will not put up a video to that effect)
11. I like people (It’s not as if they are nice to me o)
12. I don’t believe in internet love (Facebook, twitter, BBM) however it comes.
13. I am straight… #justsaying
14. I love tall boys….. It’s something that comes with being short.
15. I am one of those people that never get tired of rice and noodles.
16. I miss my best friend... I hope he sees this
17. Chris Brown is my baby!!!! Ayam going to marry him, by fire or by force, and he isn’t going to punch me
18. I am not overly emotional… I say awww a lot though, and I love listening to love stories.
19. You know that speech that people give when they win something, when they pass an exam, when something good has happened? Yup, that one, it makes me cry.
20. I love success stories…. Prolly the reason I cry.
21. I am a sucker for dimples!
22. I am also a sucker for compliments. You don’t even wanna know how bad this is.
23. I love laughing; I love people that can make me laugh.
24. I love hugging people… I don’t know why, I just love it.
25. I was a dead somebody in high school, I was smart sha. x_x. No digging into my past people!
26. I think most things are overrated
27. I say ‘seriously’ at least twice in one statement
28. I have big eyes
29. I am crazily scared about school at this point of my life
30. I love my sisters and my parents
31. I love my friends
32. I am not 9 years!!!! Or 13 or 14 or 15. Refer to no 2 for my real age
33. I loooove the toolsman! (if u don’t know him, Google is your friend)
34. I like meeting people, I’m just usually shy around new people (don’t ask me why)
35. I am veeeerrrrry comfortable in my natural hair. If I didn’t look so small, I prolly won’t bother with extensions
36. You, yes, you over there, don’t look back, you love me… more than you know #dontarguejustacceptit! :p
37. I am a fyn geh, even without make-up. (If I see your nose go up ehn)
38. I have many pictures of myself (I am not vain o)
39. I miss unilag and my unilag babies
40. Err, my best color is erm….. I don’t know….
41. I think RANGE ROVERS are the bomb! (I just don’t think I can pedal and see the road at the same time…. So sad :()
42. I love THE SCRIPT (this is partially because of @abdulricardo22 and @ayodele07)
43. I am a sucker for romantic comedies.
44. I think Ryan Reynolds is the hottest!
45. I like Wiz-Kid’s songs…, u can bite me if you want.
46. Did I mention that I like boys? Because I do, very much x_x
47. Ice-cream and cakes and chocolates…. #nuffsaid
48. I looooovvvvvvveeeeeeeee sleeping. It has become a way of life. X_x
49. I am not allergic to anything…. That I know about sha…
50. I like good food… and I think a boy that can cook is extra attractive. (^_^)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Don't Call Me Cute, rily!!

Cute, what does that word bring to mind?? baby huh? childlike? You get where I am going with this.

Each time someone says, you are cute to me (or some one else), it just feels like the person is telling me that I look like a baby, which is not a good feeling. I am seventeen for crying out loud.

I thought I was the only one that felt this way until Kachi changed her twitter handle to "dont call me cute" sometime ago. I swear, I was happy when I saw it! And then, I had this HILARIOUS conversation with a friend about being called cute. Turns out most people dont like it. I mean really, it is annoying that some of us are called cute while others are called hot! *rme*

It is even more annoying when you are my size and nearly everybody can look down at you and say, "you're so cute!" It just feels like they are actually saying "hey baby (the one you say to an actual baby)" the only missing part is where you blab rubbish in order to feel like you are communicating with the baby.

Thing is, at first, I did not realize that I did not like being called cute. Matter of fact, I kinda liked it...until Unilag *hiss*. I was with a friend one day, a male friend, and we were watching tv, and a video was showing on MTV. I cant remember which video it was, and I said, "I think she's pretty" and he said, "I think she's hot!" and great emphasis was laid on the hot part (and he had called me pretty earlier o!) That was when I discovered the difference and maybe the level of importance too and I felt like "wooow, okay"

Now, I'm very thankful to God for my "cute" face and all but honestly, having people call you cute can really get annoying. Sometimes, you just want to hear pretty, hot x_x, even beautiful, you know, those words that do not bring baby to mind.

Okay, so the moral of this post is that erm.......... I dont know... I just felt like venting which is why this post is really short.

BUT!!! I am happy that I am cute. I mean, how many people want to be called cute but are just not that lucky?? Yup, I see plenty hands up!

You can still call me cute sha, but if u realize or suspect that I have a crush on you, please, I'm begging o, don't call me cute, call me pretty sef, I'll appreciate it...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Hate Packing!

I have to go back to school tomorrow... *sigh*. As if that fact isnt annoying enough, I also have to pack!

Anybody that knows me knows that I am one hell of a procastinator x_x. This kinda implies that I leave things like packing till the last minute. Now, anybody that has ever had to pack to move anywhere knows that packing at the last minute is extremely annoying. There is a high possibility that many important things will be left behind seeing as you are in a hurry. Also, you know how things never go quire as we plan, that also kinda affects the whole ish.

For instance, there was light like all day. And then I decided to start packing around 8 and then, I had to go and have my bath (as my father would absolutely not let me be until I did). Lets just say that I spend quite some time in the bathroom (in my house sha).So I finished around 9:30 and I HAD to have dinner (alone).

By the time all these things were done, it was nearly 10. So, I continued packing and yup, you guessed it, NEPA carried the light! (Did I hear someone mention Goodluck??).

Oh, and my father doesn't like the gen on past ten. He's one of those early to bed. early to rise people but if the gen had been on, it would have stayed on till about eleven but seeing as NEPA obviously wanted to be mean to me, well......

So, right now, my hair is desperately in need of straightening, my bags are not yet well packed and err, I have to go to school tomorrow morning, around 6:30 am. How I'll make it work, I do not know. I just know its going to. (insert big amen here).

But, hey, positive part of this is there's always a way out yh? There's always a way to sort out. Hopefully, this wont be an exception and if it is......oh well, it will make a good joke someday. What do you know, I might even learn my lesson and start packing on time. (yh, right! Who am I kidding?? Ok, nothing is impossible)

This. is. the. end. of. my. rambling!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Don't wanna, Shouldn't have......

His phone rang... he looked at the screen and looked up at me apologetically and I knew it was HER. I nodded and he smiled and pressed the green button and walked to the other side of the room. I didnt hear most of the conversation, just some muffled words that I couldn't make anything out of. I busied myself checking dp's on my phone. I felt him sit beside me on the bed and I looked up. "I gotta go babe, we kinda had something planned for tonight" He looked apologetic, even if I wanted to protest, the look on his face was enough to stop me.
"Of course, I understand... you should go" the words hurt to say... I sighed

He bent his head towards me and despite my sadness, I couldn't bring myself to pull away. Instead, I moved closer to him and when our lips finally met, I knew why I was taking all the BS I was taking. This was good, he tasted always. He ended it and stood up. I walked with him to the door, he opened it, stepped out and looked at down at me, with a smile on his face. I managed a smile, he def knew I wasn't happy about this. He bent to kiss me again, this time quick and hard... "Goodbye Lara"
"Goodbye Kunmi"

I went to my window and saw him walk out of the hostel building, he got into his car and drove off. I noticed there was a big smile on his face as he drove off. Damn! It hurt to know he was taking that wonderful smile to another woman. No doubt, they had a wonderful date planned out at a nice place, probably some exotic restaurant or even just something a little fun, even the cinemas. At least, she had that, she could go out with him and hold hands and kiss him in public without fear but I couldn't. This was all I could ever have of him, these miserable 2 or 3 hours twice a week that we had to spend indoors. Oh, I would have done anything to be able to tell someone about us.....but I couldn't.

I caught myself there, what the hell was I doing complaining?? It was my fault, I had known exactly what I was doing when I got involved with a guy that was already committed to another girl. I felt like a complete idiot. I was always against these kinda things, dating people that aren't single and here I was doing the exact same thing.

2 months ago, Kunmi and I had been just friends, in fact, we weren't even close. We rolled with the same group of people so that was kinda how we started talking. I never, not even once thought I'd be doing under-G with him, ever. Besides, he had a babe and everybody, no the whole school, knew that they were nuts for each other. Plus I am totally against dating other people's boyfriends (at least, I was).

Anyway, one day, we all went out, we just wanted a break from school and we decided to go out and chill, so we planned to go to a couple of places. The girlfriend couldn't come 'cause she had gone home for the weekend. The beach was the first stop and we had loads of fun and I also found myself flirting with Kunmi! I was shocked mehn! It struck me like BAM!! i sha put it down to over-happiness and figured flirting wasn't a bad thing. However, I noticed a lot of things about him, noticed that he actually was cute, that I liked talking to him, and I loved when he smiled at me! x_x.

And then we kept having those BAM moments, with the eye contact and smiles and all... what was wrong with me, I just couldn't figure out. Like rily, I was beginning to get really mad at myself. As we were leaving, Kunmi happened to be walking beside me (I dont know how that happened *innocent face*) and we were at the back of the group and he looked down at me and smiled... and he said "you have an amazing smile" and I turned red...and I looked away.. and next I knew, he stopped to face me and he bent his head and he kissed me! It was soo brief, I was nearly sure I just imagined, I was RED! I couldnt even look up at him, I just hurried on to join the rest of the group who were by far ahead of us. I was still trying to decide if I had just imagined the kiss when he walked past me and winked at me! Damn! It was real...and I was in trouble!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Okay, this is a really pointless blog (kinda) but i just felt like doing it. My friend, @SoberPsychedlic (I think I got the handle right) calls me Thumbelina so I decided to check her out. I was sure she's a fairy and all, I just wasn't sure about her story so, I googled her... Now, imma tell you her story.....

Okay, Thumbelina's mother was childless, there was no mention of a husband either, she wanted a girl very badly but she didnt get one (poor woman). So, she finally decided to visit a witch. The witch gave her a magic grain of barley which she planted in a pot.....Bottom line, Thumbelina grew out of the tulips of the flower that grew. She was soooo tiny that the woman named her Thumbelina (Thumb!) Okay, i didnt grow out of a flower! Yes, I'm tiny but err, thumb?? Haba!

Thumbelina was very pretty [aha! This is something we have in common (^_^)]. So, thumbelina had a walnut shell for a bed, violet petals for her mattress and rose petals for her blanket (I'm pretty sure I slept on a foam mattress and my cot was wooden and had cotton blanket plus I dont see how these things are supposed to be enjoyable).

Anyway, one day, as she was sleeping, a fat, ugly toad kidnapped her (with her walnut shell) and carried her home for her son to marry (*sigh* the perils of being pretty). However, she was rescued by some minnows and a butterfly, but not long afterwards, a beetle captured her, just because she's pretty oh (ah, my own no reach this level) but then, his friends thought she was too different so she was released.

Okay, so from there, she was alone during summer and during the winter...and she was hungry and tired and poor and cold and all by herself but she survived (we are strong like that!) Later on, she found a little cottage and knocked, and she was received and taken care of by a field mouse. He fed her and took care of her and she cleaned the house. One day, he told her about a mole that wanted to marry her and well, she didnt want to marry him.....(ok, we really are choosy x_x). The mole was rich o, but err, ugly...and mean too as he was mean to an almost dead swallow...

Thumbelina sha took care of the dying swallow till she was well again (yup yup! we are incredibly nice like that!). Well, the swallow got well and had to go. Thumbelina had to marry the mole but on the eve of her wedding, she asked to spend a day in the open air and the swallow came to rescue her and took her to a far away place and there, she met the king of flower fairies, who was just her size and taste and they got married! (I won't marry someone my size sha) and lived happiy ever after.(well, this migght happen..who knows?).Of which, why did she now forget her mother?? the poor woman still had no daughter in the end...(you know how they say that when u get a child from witches, u lose it? Guess dats wah happened)

P.S: She got wings and became the flower queen...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Right Now

Things are not going well....
Had a test last didnt go well
i didnt expect it to, I didnt study well for it
In the past weeks since resumption, I have been unserious and ....
It is rung into my ears everyday that people fail and yet I am still unserious
I just dont know what the problem is...
I tell myself that I will become serious evryday but noooo
I never do...
Sometimes, I just feel lost, like I'm in a place where I really shouldn't be
It just stinks feeling this way
I sit in the dark, typing this in sadness...
as i dread the announcement of my result by my friend that checkd for me
I am nearly sure I flunked...
I have to become serious I tell myself..
Also annoying is the fact that my roomie has carried my torchlight to God knows where and I'm stuck in this darkness.
I just want things to go well.....
I hope they do..

P.S: I am not depressed..I jst hope that putting this down will help
*sigh* thanks for reading...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Err, I dont really wanna see your boobs!!!

I write this even though I expect people to say that I am being old-fashioned and conservative or even jealous. I have had a good mind of writing this for a while now but I just held the urge but in recent times, I have seen things that have pushed me to write.

Okay, I do not think it is wrong to show cleavage. I think it is necessary sometimes. However, I draw the line at that point where it looks like I can see the entirety of your boobs on my screen. I am probably the only one that feels this way, but it really can be disturbing. I admit that getting compliments about one's body feels good but pouring your boobs on my screen just seems like a desperate attempt to get people's attention. Seriously, we can all tell that you have big boobs even when you are wearing shirts and t-shirts.

I am not saying we should not show boobs oo. God forbid that I should ask anybody to cover up his free gift. I am only saying that its really not necessary. I can say that I have seen more boobs on twitter in the past 9 months than I have seen in the real life my whole life. I mean really, its just a social network, why the need to be nearly nude?? and even nude sef?

Okay, I do not want to dwell on this matter for too long. My point is just that, we should learn to do things moderately. If you want to show boobs, do it but please, do it moderately. No need for us to see the entire thing before appreciating the great work God has done.

Also, this is just my opinion and you dont have to agree but the point still remains that I dont really wanna see your boobs.

Please note that this is not a sub directed at anyone but if you find yourself guilty, it would be nice if you could please slightly change your ways and pull that tank top a bit higher next time. Thank You.


Friday, January 28, 2011

COME AGAIN????? Heart Break?? Worst thing???

So, I'm tweeting in class on a good Friday morning (the lecturer wasnt in class), feeling very happy that this annoying week is about to come to an end when I see this hilarious tweet "The worst thing that could happen to a girl is to lose a boyfriend, its like losing a family member". The first thing that occurs to me is she definitely just had a tough break up. Yes, a break up is a difficult thing. Its hard on even the most heartless girls but being the worst thing??? Nooooo!!
I mean really, I'll give a list of things that I think are worse than a break up.
1) Failing WAEC or NECO or UNILAG DIPLOMA EXAMS, Seriously, one whole year don waste be that nah, which boy is more important than your life?
2) Losing your legs or hands or eyes in an accident, if I hear that losing a boyfriend is worse!
3) Getting kidnapped by ritualists
4) Being sent to jail
5) Getting raped
6) Losing both of your parents
7) Getting shot by robbers
8) Failing a course (yes, I think its worse)
9) Bashing your father's car
10) Getting Pregnant
11) Knowing that you have AIDS

As a matter of fact, I think that having my father find out that I have a boyfriend is worse than a break up.(I don't know about your father though).

I'm sure there are more things that are worse than a break up that I cant remember. I can understand that a break-up is a really painful thing. Very very very painful as a matter of fact but it is definitely not the worst thing that can happen to you. Everybody will have to break up with someone at one point or the other and its scary enough to think about it. Having someone tell us it is the worst thing ever is just going to discourage us from getting it done when we should.

So, people, a break up isn't the worst thing that can happen to you, girl or boy. That boy or girl isnt the only reason your life is awesome. He or she is just an added spice. So, please, when a break up happens, remind yourself that you could have lost your eyes, legs or hands or something worse could have happened and thank God that such didnt happen.
If that does not work, go and gossip with your girls (or boys) about the person. You just might feel better.Plus its a good excuse to indulge in ice-cream and chocolates and have your girls take you out and like Rihanna said, its raining men (and women)!

Friday, January 21, 2011

So you're not perfect, nobody is.

For some reason, the world has some crazy ideas about perfection especially when it comes to females. We have to be pleasantly round but not fat, slim but not skinny, tall but not long, petite but not short. We must have big boobs and buttocks and wait for it, everything must rhyme. We must not 'suck belle to make shirt fine'. How the hell are we supposed to keep up with all these??? Do they forget that the same God made us without asking us what we want?? I mean, we'll all love to look like Kim or Nicki but here we are, beautiful imperfections and God loves us!
Now, if God with all his creativity created you like this, dont you think there's a reason?? To him, you represent something! Just think that God doesn't make mistakes, no errors, he knows what he is doing and yet he made you like this! It means you are a masterpiece! No masterpiece looks like any other work of at which explains why you dont look like Nicki or that girl that is with the boy you like.
I know for certain that nobody is ugly. You just gotta know what suits you.Your kind of make up and clothes and take good care of yourself (this includes eating right and exercise as some of our flaws are as a result of our carelessness) and you'll gradually see those flaws blossom.
Lastly, no matter how imperfect you think you are, there's always gonna be that one person that sees all those imperfecions and stilll thinks you ae amazing, thinks the world of you.You just gotta be patient and find that person. In the meantime, remember that you are a masterpiece! You are beautiful! Yes, you are not perfect, nobody is. I mean really, nobody can really be up to all those standards in the sight of man.God didn't make a mistake with your eyes or nose or chin or lips or hips or forehead! He knew exactly what he was doing.
So, enjoy your body with all its imperfections. Love it and take care of it and it will do you proud! Muah!