Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Okay, this is a really pointless blog (kinda) but i just felt like doing it. My friend, @SoberPsychedlic (I think I got the handle right) calls me Thumbelina so I decided to check her out. I was sure she's a fairy and all, I just wasn't sure about her story so, I googled her... Now, imma tell you her story.....

Okay, Thumbelina's mother was childless, there was no mention of a husband either, she wanted a girl very badly but she didnt get one (poor woman). So, she finally decided to visit a witch. The witch gave her a magic grain of barley which she planted in a pot.....Bottom line, Thumbelina grew out of the tulips of the flower that grew. She was soooo tiny that the woman named her Thumbelina (Thumb!) Okay, i didnt grow out of a flower! Yes, I'm tiny but err, thumb?? Haba!

Thumbelina was very pretty [aha! This is something we have in common (^_^)]. So, thumbelina had a walnut shell for a bed, violet petals for her mattress and rose petals for her blanket (I'm pretty sure I slept on a foam mattress and my cot was wooden and had cotton blanket plus I dont see how these things are supposed to be enjoyable).

Anyway, one day, as she was sleeping, a fat, ugly toad kidnapped her (with her walnut shell) and carried her home for her son to marry (*sigh* the perils of being pretty). However, she was rescued by some minnows and a butterfly, but not long afterwards, a beetle captured her, just because she's pretty oh (ah, my own no reach this level) but then, his friends thought she was too different so she was released.

Okay, so from there, she was alone during summer and during the winter...and she was hungry and tired and poor and cold and all by herself but she survived (we are strong like that!) Later on, she found a little cottage and knocked, and she was received and taken care of by a field mouse. He fed her and took care of her and she cleaned the house. One day, he told her about a mole that wanted to marry her and well, she didnt want to marry him.....(ok, we really are choosy x_x). The mole was rich o, but err, ugly...and mean too as he was mean to an almost dead swallow...

Thumbelina sha took care of the dying swallow till she was well again (yup yup! we are incredibly nice like that!). Well, the swallow got well and had to go. Thumbelina had to marry the mole but on the eve of her wedding, she asked to spend a day in the open air and the swallow came to rescue her and took her to a far away place and there, she met the king of flower fairies, who was just her size and taste and they got married! (I won't marry someone my size sha) and lived happiy ever after.(well, this migght happen..who knows?).Of which, why did she now forget her mother?? the poor woman still had no daughter in the end...(you know how they say that when u get a child from witches, u lose it? Guess dats wah happened)

P.S: She got wings and became the flower queen...


  1. nicee...;) ..hehe... p.s i changed my blog so if i'm on ur blog list, kindly update..thanks :*