Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Hate Packing!

I have to go back to school tomorrow... *sigh*. As if that fact isnt annoying enough, I also have to pack!

Anybody that knows me knows that I am one hell of a procastinator x_x. This kinda implies that I leave things like packing till the last minute. Now, anybody that has ever had to pack to move anywhere knows that packing at the last minute is extremely annoying. There is a high possibility that many important things will be left behind seeing as you are in a hurry. Also, you know how things never go quire as we plan, that also kinda affects the whole ish.

For instance, there was light like all day. And then I decided to start packing around 8 and then, I had to go and have my bath (as my father would absolutely not let me be until I did). Lets just say that I spend quite some time in the bathroom (in my house sha).So I finished around 9:30 and I HAD to have dinner (alone).

By the time all these things were done, it was nearly 10. So, I continued packing and yup, you guessed it, NEPA carried the light! (Did I hear someone mention Goodluck??).

Oh, and my father doesn't like the gen on past ten. He's one of those early to bed. early to rise people but if the gen had been on, it would have stayed on till about eleven but seeing as NEPA obviously wanted to be mean to me, well......

So, right now, my hair is desperately in need of straightening, my bags are not yet well packed and err, I have to go to school tomorrow morning, around 6:30 am. How I'll make it work, I do not know. I just know its going to. (insert big amen here).

But, hey, positive part of this is there's always a way out yh? There's always a way to sort out. Hopefully, this wont be an exception and if it is......oh well, it will make a good joke someday. What do you know, I might even learn my lesson and start packing on time. (yh, right! Who am I kidding?? Ok, nothing is impossible)

This. is. the. end. of. my. rambling!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Don't wanna, Shouldn't have......

His phone rang... he looked at the screen and looked up at me apologetically and I knew it was HER. I nodded and he smiled and pressed the green button and walked to the other side of the room. I didnt hear most of the conversation, just some muffled words that I couldn't make anything out of. I busied myself checking dp's on my phone. I felt him sit beside me on the bed and I looked up. "I gotta go babe, we kinda had something planned for tonight" He looked apologetic, even if I wanted to protest, the look on his face was enough to stop me.
"Of course, I understand... you should go" the words hurt to say... I sighed

He bent his head towards me and despite my sadness, I couldn't bring myself to pull away. Instead, I moved closer to him and when our lips finally met, I knew why I was taking all the BS I was taking. This was good, he tasted good...as always. He ended it and stood up. I walked with him to the door, he opened it, stepped out and looked at down at me, with a smile on his face. I managed a smile, he def knew I wasn't happy about this. He bent to kiss me again, this time quick and hard... "Goodbye Lara"
"Goodbye Kunmi"

I went to my window and saw him walk out of the hostel building, he got into his car and drove off. I noticed there was a big smile on his face as he drove off. Damn! It hurt to know he was taking that wonderful smile to another woman. No doubt, they had a wonderful date planned out at a nice place, probably some exotic restaurant or even just something a little fun, even the cinemas. At least, she had that, she could go out with him and hold hands and kiss him in public without fear but I couldn't. This was all I could ever have of him, these miserable 2 or 3 hours twice a week that we had to spend indoors. Oh, I would have done anything to be able to tell someone about us.....but I couldn't.

I caught myself there, what the hell was I doing complaining?? It was my fault, I had known exactly what I was doing when I got involved with a guy that was already committed to another girl. I felt like a complete idiot. I was always against these kinda things, dating people that aren't single and here I was doing the exact same thing.

2 months ago, Kunmi and I had been just friends, in fact, we weren't even close. We rolled with the same group of people so that was kinda how we started talking. I never, not even once thought I'd be doing under-G with him, ever. Besides, he had a babe and everybody, no the whole school, knew that they were nuts for each other. Plus I am totally against dating other people's boyfriends (at least, I was).

Anyway, one day, we all went out, we just wanted a break from school and we decided to go out and chill, so we planned to go to a couple of places. The girlfriend couldn't come 'cause she had gone home for the weekend. The beach was the first stop and we had loads of fun and I also found myself flirting with Kunmi! I was shocked mehn! It struck me like BAM!! i sha put it down to over-happiness and figured flirting wasn't a bad thing. However, I noticed a lot of things about him, noticed that he actually was cute, that I liked talking to him, and I loved when he smiled at me! x_x.

And then we kept having those BAM moments, with the eye contact and smiles and all... what was wrong with me, I just couldn't figure out. Like rily, I was beginning to get really mad at myself. As we were leaving, Kunmi happened to be walking beside me (I dont know how that happened *innocent face*) and we were at the back of the group and he looked down at me and smiled... and he said "you have an amazing smile" and I turned red...and I looked away.. and next I knew, he stopped to face me and he bent his head and he kissed me! It was soo brief, I was nearly sure I just imagined it...now, I was RED! I couldnt even look up at him, I just hurried on to join the rest of the group who were by far ahead of us. I was still trying to decide if I had just imagined the kiss when he walked past me and winked at me! Damn! It was real...and I was in trouble!!