Friday, January 28, 2011

COME AGAIN????? Heart Break?? Worst thing???

So, I'm tweeting in class on a good Friday morning (the lecturer wasnt in class), feeling very happy that this annoying week is about to come to an end when I see this hilarious tweet "The worst thing that could happen to a girl is to lose a boyfriend, its like losing a family member". The first thing that occurs to me is she definitely just had a tough break up. Yes, a break up is a difficult thing. Its hard on even the most heartless girls but being the worst thing??? Nooooo!!
I mean really, I'll give a list of things that I think are worse than a break up.
1) Failing WAEC or NECO or UNILAG DIPLOMA EXAMS, Seriously, one whole year don waste be that nah, which boy is more important than your life?
2) Losing your legs or hands or eyes in an accident, if I hear that losing a boyfriend is worse!
3) Getting kidnapped by ritualists
4) Being sent to jail
5) Getting raped
6) Losing both of your parents
7) Getting shot by robbers
8) Failing a course (yes, I think its worse)
9) Bashing your father's car
10) Getting Pregnant
11) Knowing that you have AIDS

As a matter of fact, I think that having my father find out that I have a boyfriend is worse than a break up.(I don't know about your father though).

I'm sure there are more things that are worse than a break up that I cant remember. I can understand that a break-up is a really painful thing. Very very very painful as a matter of fact but it is definitely not the worst thing that can happen to you. Everybody will have to break up with someone at one point or the other and its scary enough to think about it. Having someone tell us it is the worst thing ever is just going to discourage us from getting it done when we should.

So, people, a break up isn't the worst thing that can happen to you, girl or boy. That boy or girl isnt the only reason your life is awesome. He or she is just an added spice. So, please, when a break up happens, remind yourself that you could have lost your eyes, legs or hands or something worse could have happened and thank God that such didnt happen.
If that does not work, go and gossip with your girls (or boys) about the person. You just might feel better.Plus its a good excuse to indulge in ice-cream and chocolates and have your girls take you out and like Rihanna said, its raining men (and women)!

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