Sunday, August 7, 2011


Yes, everybody has done this and so am I, and you are gonna read this, just ‘cos you love me…… hehehe :D
1. My name is Oyedele Damilola Kafayat
2. I am 17 years old
3. I am SHORT….. although I prefer to call it petite (^_^)
4. I am a medical student
5. I am the first child of my family (people always seem to find this funny when I tell them cos of my size)
6. I went to Dansol High School
7. I am now a student of CMUL (If u don’t know what that means, smh…. Use Google :p)
8. I am shy, (this kinda fluctuates though, I don’t even know the conditions it works under, but ayam a shy sumborri)
9. I am usually a nice person… most times sha, I don’t know how to be mean.
10. I am a TERRIBLE dancer (no, I will not put up a video to that effect)
11. I like people (It’s not as if they are nice to me o)
12. I don’t believe in internet love (Facebook, twitter, BBM) however it comes.
13. I am straight… #justsaying
14. I love tall boys….. It’s something that comes with being short.
15. I am one of those people that never get tired of rice and noodles.
16. I miss my best friend... I hope he sees this
17. Chris Brown is my baby!!!! Ayam going to marry him, by fire or by force, and he isn’t going to punch me
18. I am not overly emotional… I say awww a lot though, and I love listening to love stories.
19. You know that speech that people give when they win something, when they pass an exam, when something good has happened? Yup, that one, it makes me cry.
20. I love success stories…. Prolly the reason I cry.
21. I am a sucker for dimples!
22. I am also a sucker for compliments. You don’t even wanna know how bad this is.
23. I love laughing; I love people that can make me laugh.
24. I love hugging people… I don’t know why, I just love it.
25. I was a dead somebody in high school, I was smart sha. x_x. No digging into my past people!
26. I think most things are overrated
27. I say ‘seriously’ at least twice in one statement
28. I have big eyes
29. I am crazily scared about school at this point of my life
30. I love my sisters and my parents
31. I love my friends
32. I am not 9 years!!!! Or 13 or 14 or 15. Refer to no 2 for my real age
33. I loooove the toolsman! (if u don’t know him, Google is your friend)
34. I like meeting people, I’m just usually shy around new people (don’t ask me why)
35. I am veeeerrrrry comfortable in my natural hair. If I didn’t look so small, I prolly won’t bother with extensions
36. You, yes, you over there, don’t look back, you love me… more than you know #dontarguejustacceptit! :p
37. I am a fyn geh, even without make-up. (If I see your nose go up ehn)
38. I have many pictures of myself (I am not vain o)
39. I miss unilag and my unilag babies
40. Err, my best color is erm….. I don’t know….
41. I think RANGE ROVERS are the bomb! (I just don’t think I can pedal and see the road at the same time…. So sad :()
42. I love THE SCRIPT (this is partially because of @abdulricardo22 and @ayodele07)
43. I am a sucker for romantic comedies.
44. I think Ryan Reynolds is the hottest!
45. I like Wiz-Kid’s songs…, u can bite me if you want.
46. Did I mention that I like boys? Because I do, very much x_x
47. Ice-cream and cakes and chocolates…. #nuffsaid
48. I looooovvvvvvveeeeeeeee sleeping. It has become a way of life. X_x
49. I am not allergic to anything…. That I know about sha…
50. I like good food… and I think a boy that can cook is extra attractive. (^_^)


  1. Lets talk about #50.. does that mean you cannot cook or you're just allergic to cooking (like a friend of mine would say)? haha

    #36... LOL
    #37... Yimu! lol *u fyn sha*

    - LDP

  2. Hmm Dami!
    You forgot to mention that you are tiny
    also, How much you love me!! *wink*

  3. @Le Dynamique prof. no now, I can cook, i just think its nice when guys can cook too. Thanx for dropping by.

    @kemmiiii, erm, if you take a good look at no 13, u'll notice sumn u might nt hv known b4. nd no 46 too. Thanx :*