Monday, March 28, 2011

Right Now

Things are not going well....
Had a test last didnt go well
i didnt expect it to, I didnt study well for it
In the past weeks since resumption, I have been unserious and ....
It is rung into my ears everyday that people fail and yet I am still unserious
I just dont know what the problem is...
I tell myself that I will become serious evryday but noooo
I never do...
Sometimes, I just feel lost, like I'm in a place where I really shouldn't be
It just stinks feeling this way
I sit in the dark, typing this in sadness...
as i dread the announcement of my result by my friend that checkd for me
I am nearly sure I flunked...
I have to become serious I tell myself..
Also annoying is the fact that my roomie has carried my torchlight to God knows where and I'm stuck in this darkness.
I just want things to go well.....
I hope they do..

P.S: I am not depressed..I jst hope that putting this down will help
*sigh* thanks for reading...


  1. Lwkm! Aunty! Suck in the darkness eh?! Sorli o!

  2. Aunty! I wrote stuck o! Thanz! :p