Sunday, May 1, 2011

Don't Call Me Cute, rily!!

Cute, what does that word bring to mind?? baby huh? childlike? You get where I am going with this.

Each time someone says, you are cute to me (or some one else), it just feels like the person is telling me that I look like a baby, which is not a good feeling. I am seventeen for crying out loud.

I thought I was the only one that felt this way until Kachi changed her twitter handle to "dont call me cute" sometime ago. I swear, I was happy when I saw it! And then, I had this HILARIOUS conversation with a friend about being called cute. Turns out most people dont like it. I mean really, it is annoying that some of us are called cute while others are called hot! *rme*

It is even more annoying when you are my size and nearly everybody can look down at you and say, "you're so cute!" It just feels like they are actually saying "hey baby (the one you say to an actual baby)" the only missing part is where you blab rubbish in order to feel like you are communicating with the baby.

Thing is, at first, I did not realize that I did not like being called cute. Matter of fact, I kinda liked it...until Unilag *hiss*. I was with a friend one day, a male friend, and we were watching tv, and a video was showing on MTV. I cant remember which video it was, and I said, "I think she's pretty" and he said, "I think she's hot!" and great emphasis was laid on the hot part (and he had called me pretty earlier o!) That was when I discovered the difference and maybe the level of importance too and I felt like "wooow, okay"

Now, I'm very thankful to God for my "cute" face and all but honestly, having people call you cute can really get annoying. Sometimes, you just want to hear pretty, hot x_x, even beautiful, you know, those words that do not bring baby to mind.

Okay, so the moral of this post is that erm.......... I dont know... I just felt like venting which is why this post is really short.

BUT!!! I am happy that I am cute. I mean, how many people want to be called cute but are just not that lucky?? Yup, I see plenty hands up!

You can still call me cute sha, but if u realize or suspect that I have a crush on you, please, I'm begging o, don't call me cute, call me pretty sef, I'll appreciate it...


  1. Buahahahahahahahah E dey pain ba???

  2. lol.. i wee soon change my handle back to that again sef

  3. @Mz Gaga, as in!! very

    Kachi, lol... lets figght against being called cute

    Yinka, u r just a big head.. I love u still. :*

  4. loooool i feel the same way too :)

  5. lool, i knw...miss u much :*