Friday, January 21, 2011

So you're not perfect, nobody is.

For some reason, the world has some crazy ideas about perfection especially when it comes to females. We have to be pleasantly round but not fat, slim but not skinny, tall but not long, petite but not short. We must have big boobs and buttocks and wait for it, everything must rhyme. We must not 'suck belle to make shirt fine'. How the hell are we supposed to keep up with all these??? Do they forget that the same God made us without asking us what we want?? I mean, we'll all love to look like Kim or Nicki but here we are, beautiful imperfections and God loves us!
Now, if God with all his creativity created you like this, dont you think there's a reason?? To him, you represent something! Just think that God doesn't make mistakes, no errors, he knows what he is doing and yet he made you like this! It means you are a masterpiece! No masterpiece looks like any other work of at which explains why you dont look like Nicki or that girl that is with the boy you like.
I know for certain that nobody is ugly. You just gotta know what suits you.Your kind of make up and clothes and take good care of yourself (this includes eating right and exercise as some of our flaws are as a result of our carelessness) and you'll gradually see those flaws blossom.
Lastly, no matter how imperfect you think you are, there's always gonna be that one person that sees all those imperfecions and stilll thinks you ae amazing, thinks the world of you.You just gotta be patient and find that person. In the meantime, remember that you are a masterpiece! You are beautiful! Yes, you are not perfect, nobody is. I mean really, nobody can really be up to all those standards in the sight of man.God didn't make a mistake with your eyes or nose or chin or lips or hips or forehead! He knew exactly what he was doing.
So, enjoy your body with all its imperfections. Love it and take care of it and it will do you proud! Muah!


  1. hmmmmn "there's always gonna be that one person that sees all those imperfections and still thinks you are amazing" that doesn't come cheap tho, as you said take care of the body you have cos that's what would make things happen for you.:D .. nice blog!! (Y) .. keep it up tho :)

  2. @osh: ur ryt o, cn be rily hard! Thanx :D